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                        The Legend of the Lovespoon


The age old tradition of the Welsh peasantry to give their loves ones a carved wooden spook as a token of affection goes back many centuries.

The English speaking term, to go spooning is almost certainly derived from this old Welsh custom.

Some people believe that the love spoon represented an early form of engagement ring, whilst others believe the presentation and the acceptance of the spoon, was a request and confirmation that a courtship was about to start.

It is widely believed that certain designs represent specific meanings. For instance, the giving of a spoon shaped as leaves or trees represents growing love.

Some of the symbols and their significance:-

A Wheel - Willingness to work for a loved one.
A Spade - Willingness to work for a loved one.
Keys/Keyhole - My house is yours.
Little House - My house is yours.
Locks - My house is yours.
Single Heart - My heart is yours.
Double Hearts - We feel the same about each other.
Anchor - Steadfastness or my love is safe with you or home to stay.
Celtic Cross - Faith or marriage.
Vines - Growing love.
Trees - Growing love.
Leaves - Growing love.
Bells - Marriage.
Horse Shoe - Good luck & happiness.
Celtic Knotwork - True love, no beginning or ending.
Flowers - Courtship.
Ball in Cage - Captured love or No. of children desired, or years together.
Chain links - Captured love or No. of children desired, or years together.
Double Spoons - The couple.
Triple Spoons - The couple & hoped for family.

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